Cynthia Morelli

60159 Lookout Ridge Ave

Homer, Alaska 99603


The Covid 19 pandemic poses a poignant question for me about my work. As I make functional pottery, sculpture and drawings, the first physical moment is my hand holding, touching and moving the materials. I cherish that physical contact, the energy it contains, the care and emotions that my touch conveys - does that carry through to the work, to the viewers and users of my work? In this year and more, of so little touch, of isolation experienced by so many, of distance and loss suffered by thousands, does my work provide the solace that I hope it does?



Cynthia Morelli, a 2020 Rasmuson Foundation Fellow, lives and works in Homer, Alaska. Since 2013, she has primarily fired her abstract sculpture and functional wares in an anagama style wood kiln that she designed and built. After receiving a BFA from New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred, she lived in Japan for five years, with a Cultural Visa to study Butoh and calligraphy for three of those years. She resumed working in clay upon moving to Homer in 1993.


2021 Tour information

Cynthia will be participating in the 2021 Homer Pottery Tour virtually. Follow her on Instagram for insight into her making process. Work is available for purchase on her website store. In town curbside pickup or shipping can be arranged when a purchase is made online. She looks forward to being able to welcome visitors to the Back Porch Gallery at her home studio in the near future. Please call or email Cynthia with inquiries, and sign up for her seasonal studio news by visiting her website.


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To see Cynthia's work in person, please visit

Bunnell St. Arts Center 

106 W. Bunnell Ave.

Homer, Alaska 99603