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Paul dungan

About Paul

I discovered clay at the age of fifteen and was exhilarated by it – so strong and willing a material!  I have since devoted myself to ceramics and have been working, playing and teaching in clay for over 40 years.  Currently I work in my Homer studio on Kachemak Bay, making my living as a studio potter and sculptor.


I love that pottery brings art intimately into our everyday lives. Besides their utilitarian value, they are rich metaphors. For instance, the words we use to describe the shapes of pots (lip, neck, shoulder, and belly) reflect an image of ourselves in the clay, acknowledging their likeness to living things. Pots similarly relate to our spiritual and emotive spheres. A wide-open generous bowl can be intuitively associated with a sense of offering, sustenance and abundance. These ways of relating to form are grounding influences in my work.

Tour info

The studio on Icy Bay Dr. will be open for visitors on Saturday 10am -5pm and Sunday from 11am-5pm.


We plan to use indoor and outdoor space in such a way to allow for space and make all feel welcome, safe, and comfortable. Please, stop by for a unique view into a working artist's studio and to learn more about clay!

57725 Icy Bay Dr.

907 235 8557


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