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Jars of clay

Ruby Haigh

The Inspiration Behind My Work

As a potter I am committed to creating pottery that is not only functional, but also beautiful and fun to use.  I use a combination of wheel thrown and hand building techniques to create pieces that are unique and reflect my passion for the art. Each piece is fired to cone 10 using gas, which gives it a beautiful finish that is characteristic of my work. I am always experimenting with new techniques and styles, and I’m excited to share my work with you.

I entered the pottery world through a side door.  At age 40, I suffered a stroke that made it difficult to walk, talk, and take care of my three children. In order to recover better, my family moved from Homer to Missouri. I began to recover slowly, taking short walks down the road to the nearest landmark, a clay studio and manufacturing center.


Curiosity led me to eventually go inside and I locked eyes on someone using a kickwheel. I initially saw it as a tool to build strength in the leg affected by the stroke. I had found my place!  The more time I spent sitting, kicking, watching, the more I wanted to learn about what the ceramic artists were doing there. 


I spent 3 years under Jerry Roberts’ tutelage in Nixa, Missouri before moving back to Homer in 1997. My husband Tim and I built the studio, store, and our family home. In the early years,  Now, my  small pottery businesses, my garden, and my  grandchildren occupy most of my time.

In 2022 we sold our house and pottery storefront.  We have finished building a new home and studio, within 800 yards of our old place.  The new studio is up and producing.      


Please stop by and see my new studio and wears.

Tour info

Come to downtown Homer and enjoy  Homer's  hidden pottery homestead.  



Jars of Clay Pottery

3835 Main Street, Homer

"Use Theater AllyWay off Pioneer and follow the signs"


Driving directions

Take Pioneer Ave. through downtown Homer, turn uphill into the Homer Theater Alley Way.  Yes the Alley Way. Go to the back of the alley and turn left on the driveway that goes up into the woods.  

Follow the signs to our hidden homestead.

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